UNRE 3D Scanning and Modeling UNRE AI LIMITED | 3D High Accuracy Scanning | UCL360 UNRE,3D Face Scan,3D Measurement,3D Object Measurement,Beauty Industry,USE 3D CONNECT PEOPLE & WORLD,3D,2D,UCL360,UCL UNRE AI Limited was founded in 2017. With advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, the company concentrates on developing core technologies such as 3D photography and modeling of face, human body, object and space, artificial intelligence analysis and measurement, transmission, storage and display interaction...
Core Technology
3D Face Scanning, 3D Face Morphing,
3D Facial Feature, Real Time Tracking,
Adaptive Algorithm to cover Single/Multiple
2D/3D Camera for 3D reconstruction.
CPU,GPU,DSP,NPU hardware CV&AI speed up
edge computing. 3D vision/AI all-in-one hardware developing platform Fine (0.1mm) and Super Fine(1-10um)
NIR based 3D HDR Cam.
High Resolution 3D Face Modeling
High Resolution 3D Face Modeling
  • Instantly capture user’s face in 3D within 0.3 sec
  • 3D face model at 0.5 mm precision and 140K facets (4x and 10x from original sensor input)
  • 3D face mesh enhanced by proprietary AI super resolution technology
  • Realistic rendering with skin reflection and surface normal estimation from shading technology
Original Sensor Input (10K Tri) Refined Mesh (140K Tri)
Original Sensor Input (10K Tri)
Refined Mesh (140K Tri)
Cloud Computing and Service
SaaS cloud for 3D data quality enhancement, simulation, comparison and recognition. Image Encryption. Image Compression (up to 1700X)